Brandon Stuerke


Brandon Stuerke is the President of Golden Financial Group, LLC which servers the retirement needs of Boomers and Seniors in Mid-Missouri. Together with his team of advisors at Golden Financial Group, he focuses his practice on assisting clients in making smart decisions with their money, in the areas of IRA distribution planning, retirement income planning, tax reduction, insurance services, and estate planning. He is also the Creator of Winning With CPA’s, a revolutionary approach teaching advisors how to build their practices through working with CPAs.

In 2012 Brandon brought forth the next evolution in marketing for advisors when he launched his second marketing program, Automated Advisor. AA teaches advisors how to leverage the power of technology and automation to increase results at every facet of their business. Brandon teaches advisors how to create more interest, capture more leads, and even how to nurture those leads and create a compelling prospect and client experience. All while reducing the amount of time, money, and effort it takes to run a profitable practice.

In Brandon’s words, “Automation and technology truly are the keys for today’s advisor looking to break thorough to new levels of production. Five and ten years from now we’ll look back and see that those advisors who were forward thinking enough to integrate technology and automation will truly own the market, while everyone else will likely be out of business.”

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